U.K. prime minister to push for an election — again

U.K. prime minister to push for an election — again

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will for a fourth time ask Parliament to approve early elections after lawmakers rejected his latest bid amid concerns about the government’s Brexit plans.

The government says it will on Tuesday introduce a short bill calling an election on Dec. 12. The legislation requires a simple majority to be passed. Johnson’s previous proposal was made under a different legislative provision that required a two-thirds majority, which it did not achieve.

To win support from opposition parties, Johnson says he will delay further consideration of his EU withdrawal agreement until after the election.

The Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party, which had proposed an earlier election date to block Brexit, say they will consider the latest proposal.

With the U.K.’s scheduled Oct. 31 departure from the EU now virtually certain to be postponed, Brexit hangs in the balance, with British politicians still arguing over how, when or even whether the divorce should take place at all.

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