U.S. President Donald Trump is doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on a bet rooted in history: that when civil-rights protests turn riotous, Americans will favour the iron fist. His Twitter feed on Saturday again filled with martial language — about using vicious dogs and ominous weapons if protesters storm the White House;Read More →

Italy begins lifting its two-month nationwide lockdown this morning as the government’s “Phase Two” decree allows all citizens to visit some relatives, but Italians had a field day mocking the new guidelines, making it unclear how closely they will be followed. The new government decree released last week informed citizensRead More →

Hillary Clinton will endorse Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy on Tuesday, according to multiple media reports. The Biden campaign said Clinton would join the presumptive Democratic nominee for a virtual town hall later Tuesday to discuss the impact of the coronavirus on women. Clinton teased the announcement by tweeting a pictureRead More →

Doctors and health experts urged people not to drink or inject disinfectant on Friday after U.S. President Donald Trump suggested scientists should investigate inserting the cleaning agent into the body as a way to combat COVID-19. “[This is an] absolutely dangerous, crazy suggestion,” said Paul Hunter, a professor of medicineRead More →