Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau today conceded the Conservatives could win Monday’s election — and accused the party of winning support by running one of the “dirtiest, nastiest” election campaigns in Canadian history. Surrounded by 29 Quebec candidates at an event at Montreal’s Botanical Garden Wednesday, Trudeau appealed to Quebecers toRead More →

As part of our federal election coverage, CBC News is assessing the truthfulness and accuracy of statements made by politicians and their parties. The Claim: “Mr. Scheer, you are promising a tax cut of $50,000 for multi-millionaires.” — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau during this week’s French-language leaders’ debate The Facts:  TheRead More →

The Conservatives are calling Justin Trudeau a “carbon hypocrite” for flying two planes during the 40-day election campaign, emitting double the carbon emissions of other campaigns. The Conservatives issued a news release — including travel logs and photographs of the two planes — during the French language debate hosted by TVA.Read More →

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said today the appointment of a known supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as that country’s honorary consul in Montreal is “unacceptable” and is promising to respond to it quickly. “I do think it’s important for all Canadians, especially Syrian-Canadians and people who have fled the Assad regime, to knowRead More →

The Green Party would decriminalize all drug possession if elected in October, leader Elizabeth May said Saturday on the campaign trail in Winnipeg. May said decriminalizing possession of all drugs is necessary to curb the opioid crisis in Canada. “We must stop treating drug addiction as a criminal issue. This is a national healthRead More →

If you think you’ve been fooled by “fake news,” you’re not alone. Ninety per cent of Canadians feel they’ve fallen for it at some point, according to an Ipsos Public Affairs for Canada’s Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). And it will, more than ever, play a role in this federal election. Disinformation frequently spreads on Facebook so that’sRead More →